Is it already Wednesday???

Ok so have you all gotten in on the "pinterest" craze?? We love it right?? Well here is the thing for me - I am hopelessly addicted because, well as most people who know me know I am a google addict - constantly searching for an answer for this, or remedy for that, or inspiration for decorating, and pinterest has been great because it cuts down my search time considerably - or does it? Yes it does in a sense because I can log on and chances are someone has pinned something that I just needed to know, but then there are the pins that I just needed to know but didnt know I needed to know and before you know it I have spent HOURS looking at pins!...OY! There is a part of me that HATES pinterest, because it has taken away my credit for being creative, or at least sometimes that is how I see it. Now do not get me wrong there are ALOT of pinterest inspired creations floating around my house, BUT before pinterest, there were still alot of neat things floating around my house, but now when people come over instead of saying - oh wow that is so neat, they say, did you see that on pinterest? But even though part of me HATES pinterest, it is not enough to keep me away!

Ok so there is my Wednesday rant - now time for frugality. I have a confession to make, I caved, I am weak, I gave in. After over a year without my "molecular structure changer" A.K.A microwave, I caved and practically begged for a new one! Though we managed just fine without it, there are just some things that the molecular structure changer comes in really handy. For instance, that awesome corn bag that we heat up for aches and pains, ever try to heat one up in an oven? Then there are the convenient foods that are quick and easy for the kids to snack on - I do try to keep processed foods to a minimum, but I do make some "copycat" recipes, and sometimes these snacks just do not reheat well in an oven or toaster oven. And popcorn, well I have to be honest I do NOT like stove popped popcorn - I find the oil makes the corn chewy, and I do not have an air popper (that would be awesome), and I do not really care for the processed microwave popcorn HOWEVER I did come across a recipe on pinterest...hehe.... for microwave popcorn. 1/4 cup popcorn in a brown paper bag - you know the little brown lunch bags that we used to have when we were kids, put the popcorn in the bag, fold the top of the bag over a few times to close it -you can put a small piece of tape I suppose if you would like- I just fold mine and pop like you would a commercially prepared bag of microwave popcorn, add the butter and seasonings that you desire after it is done popping and it is perfect!
So needless to say I caved, and begged for a new molecular structure changer, and took alot of grief from my husband and the kiddos when I did! In my defense, I do not use it as a major appliance, and resort mostly to my oven and toaster oven.

I have been trying to cut back on our electricity useage - sometimes I feel as though we are getting raked over the coals. I know alot of our culprits are: electric hot water tank, dishwasher and dryer. Also more recently air conditioners, and a pool pump have been to blame as well. I do not have a clothes line outside (yet) once the hubby gets some of his "honey do list" taken care of hopefully he will put out a line for me. Until then I have been trying to conserve my dryer time, a tip I found on pinterest..(wouldn't  you know)...was to dry the load for 10 minutes, it helps to soften fabric, as well as taking out some wrinkles, you see normally it would be the air circulation outside that does this, but seeing as I cannot hang it out side YET, this will do, I do not suppose it is saving me a whole lot in the electricity department, but I am sure it is cutting down some. Going from a rent where utilities were included to a rent where they are not, well lets just say it has been a shock to our system! But I am always up for a challenge - and my long term goal is to get that bill down by at least $50 per month!

I will try to get some links up soon of some really cool sites that I have found for recipes, and budgeting, but as for the rest of today I am off to get some housework done and hang with my kids - might even go have a picnic with my youngest daughter!

Many Blessings!

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