Convenience or health?

 Mission: Better safe than sorry!

There is alot of controversy that surrounds the use of microwave ovens. Killing nutrients and emitting radiation are two of the biggest debates out there. In all honesty I have read compelling arguments for each side. I am not 100 percent convinced that ALL nutrients are lost in the microwave, but I do lean towards the microwave emitting radiation, though this radiation may not be the same as nuclear radiation, or x-rays. It is still radiation none the less. 
Arguments claim that microwaving food changes the molecular structure. Food molecules when microwaved are torn apart and deformed, these molecules then produce substances called radiolytic compounds, and the effects of these substances on human health is unknown. 

But all in all my biggest reason for ousting the microwave: quicker is not always better. Why take the chance of possibly preparing food for my family that years down the road will create an adverse reaction? Microwaves are not a necessity, they are a luxury that I can live without, and though it took some adjusting for my family (after school snacks take longer now, quick lunches aren't quite as quick to heat up) We have all adjusted quite well and I believe we will all be thankful in the long run!