I'm slacking!

Wow am I slacking! It seems like it has been forever since I posted - I apologize! Sometimes life gets in the way! So the last time I posted I suggested taking a non-toxic cleaner mission - and putting some more focus in that area before moving on - how did everyone do? I found a recipe for a floor cleaner - that I revamped some - but I must add - I love it! I have a swiffer wet jet and somehow my husband made the non-refillable refills refillable....haha that was a bit confusing! Anyway he managed to get the cap off of those little buggers and he cut the teeth off so that we can re-use it. Sooooo now I can still have the convenience of my swiffer wet jet with a non-toxic cleaner! YAY! So the recipe for the floor cleaner is very simple - 2 tbsp. liquid castille soap and 1 gallon of warm water. You can add lemon essential oil and orange essential oil to this as well - however I would do so with caution if you have young ones running around as I have read that the EO's can make it a little slippery. For a little bit of a boost and a citrus smell I added about 2 teaspoons of lemon juice to the refill bottle - not to my whole gallon of floor cleaner (I seem to recall reading somewhere that the lemon juice can mildew if it sits to long - but I may be wrong - anyway I just didnt want to take the chance) I have found that Castille soap in liquid form can be quite pricey - however using it in doses like this will make it last quite some time. There is no need to rinse your floor with this mixture and I have not noticed having a soapy film left behind. I would love to hear back from you - did you switch out a chemical cleaner for a non-toxic cleaner? If so how are you making out with it? Pros and cons? Maybe you have already done the switches and would just like to give some feedback on tried and true cleaners - I would love to hear how you are making your homes chemical free! If you are still transitioning over - this week take on another cleaner switch out - one step at a time will get you there sooner than you think!
Many Blessings
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