Already Friday

In continuation of my grocery mission and updates I am happy to report that I did not have to purchase meats this week on my grocery trip, which left more money for adding bulk to the pantry. I have been fortunate enough to find a local farm with pasture raised animals where I have been purchasing my meats - and the amazing thing is - the meats are cheaper than the chain grocery store meats, and by far a much better quality. Did you know that alot of meat that is purchased at the chain grocery stores are preserved with gasses to help maintain their red color, injected with saline solutions, and sometimes other flavorings because the gasses change the taste and smell of the meat? Also alot of the time the meats we are buying in the chain grocery stores are close to if not already beyond the expiration date due to the processing, transporting and delivery times? This was enough to convince me to seek alternative options, and becoming a vegetarian was not an option for me. Check out Eat Wild to find local farms near you. 
I would have never thought a few years ago that when I started my mission to living frugally and more natural that I would be where I am today with revamping not only the household items, but our food sources as well. I assumed natural food living was an unaffordable option, how wrong I was. I was also less concerned with what was going into our bodies than by what was in the air around us. My mindset has changed a bit since then, and at times I think boy that was a pretty backwards way to go about this, however changing the cleaners, getting rid of the microwave and teflon and the other changes I made early on were affordable manageable changes, and small changes. I went about changing one thing at a time. So my biggest word of advice for someone who is on a frugal mission - take on missions that are easy for you to succeed, like replacing a chemical cleaner with a green homemade cleaner. The more successes you have early on, the better chance you will have at bigger successes in the long run. 
Many Blessings
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