Scatter brained!!

You know the feeling right? A million different thoughts running through your head at once? Where do I begin, what do I do next, it's overwhelming to say the least. This is the story of my life....I am always in a whirlwind of thoughts. It's like : "I'm not easily ---- OH HEY LOOK AT THAT!" I literally do that all the time, my husband has now named those moments "squirrel moments" because they remind him of the dog on UP (if you have not seen that movie it is a MUST SEE!) So I am beginning to feel I am going in a million directions on the blog also - I have got green cleaner missions, grocery missions, getting rid of teflon, microwaves etc etc. So I am going to try to "unscatter" this ole head of mine if you will and work through some missions step by step. This week I am going to get back to the beginning of my blog and concentrate on some green cleaners. 
If you have not already done so - my challenge to you is to do away with one of your chemical cleaners this week and replace it with a non-toxic cleaner. There are alot of recipes for non-toxic cleaners on Oust The Chemicals! page, and I have found some more over the weekend that I cannot wait to try out that will be added to the page too - so if you have seen the page in the past, check back during the week because new recipes will be added. One of the new recipes I have found is for disinfecting wipes - great for those times you need to wipe something quickly. It also cuts down on paper waste! (another mission I am about to embark on, as my brain says "wait slow down - one step at a time!")
So go on the Oust The Chemicals! page and check out some of the green cleaner recipes, pick one and get started. If you have already done away with chemical cleaners maybe you would like to share your experience or ideas & recipes with the rest of us, or maybe you can let me know what your favorite tried and true green cleaner is. I would love to hear from you! Also I would love to hear how this challenge went for you - are you seeing a difference in air quality, health, improved cleaning power, is it saving you money? 
Happy Cleaning!

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