Wednesday!! Mid-week chaos begins!

As most people celebrate the coming of the middle of the week - I am beginning my run of chaos! Appointments, meetings and life is coming at me fast! I wanted to take a moment though and touch on this weeks challenge - getting rid of the toxic cleaners! How is everyone doing in this area? I am thrilled with my green swiffer sweeper replacements - I have had my swiffer sweeper for years, but grew tired of buying refills, I am thoroughly impressed with my washable sweeper pads! This week I used what was on hand which happened to be an old cotton flannel sheet, works like a dream! I think the prefolded cloth diapers will be even better - AND I am going to modify some of the prefolded cloth diapers and attach velcro strips so they can be used with my swiffer wet jet. So back to my swiffer sweeper - what I have been noticing the most is I am not "fluffing" pet fur into the air with my traditional broom - and I LOVE that fact! I have 2 dogs and 2 cats and believe it or not I am allergic to the cats, so sometimes sweeping can send me into sneezing fits of fury! No problems using my swiffer sweeper! Something so simple to make green and I am just doing it now - ya that is my duh!! moment this week!
On another note - I am still on the search for an AFFORDABLE liquid dish soap - not for dishwashers but for dishes done by hand. I purchased some Dr. Bronner's liquid castille soap - thinking I would use that in a dish soap recipe, after further research, in my opinion, this would turn out to be a very expensive dish soap. I will keep you posted on this search. If you have a tried and true handmade dish soap recipe I would love for you to share it with me! 
Many Blessings!
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