February 17, 2011

So after several months of reading blogs, googling (yes I have a google addiction - anyone who knows me would tell you its true) I have decided to start my own blog.
So let me fill you in on the mission - my mission which has been ongoing for several years now, is to live life as naturally and frugally as possible. As most of you are aware this is not an easy mission.
I have done away with all chemical cleaners in the house - and that did turn out to be a much cheaper alternative to chemical cleaners. I will post a blog about this transition and the products I use so you have all the details to take on this mission yourselves if you choose! 
I have ousted all the teflon and non stick coated pans from the house - goodbye, good riddens - adios! I use mainly cast iron now (which ladies let me tell you - clean up with cast iron is a breeze!) I occasionally use stainless steel pots and pans. For baking I have stoneware, and glass. Again I will blog about my reasoning behind this transition at a later date. 
My family was ready to oust me when I ousted our microwave this past fall.... and every once in awhile I still catch a little flack for this. Just gonna say - sometimes quicker and convenience is not always a good thing!
Years ago I ousted all paraffin candles from the house - oh I am sure you are all quite aware of the nastiness of paraffin and if not stick around kiddo - I will show you the ropes! I make my own soy and beeswax melts, along with lotion and other natural bath and body products. My website is www.naturescreek.com we do not have online ordering in place as of yet - BUT we are working on it. 
So now I think I have you somewhat caught up, and my current mission is cutting down grocery costs AND eat healthier.... What do you think? Mission impossible? Well I feel that EVERYTHING is possible, this mission is just a little trickier and much more overwhelming than any mission tackled as of yet. One thing I cannot emphasize enough: with any mission you decide to take on - the key to success will always be baby steps! I hope that you enjoy the future posts, and maybe even take on some of the missions yourself, and possibly share your missions and secrets of success with me as well! Tomorrow I will post about some of my recent findings in the grocery mission, until then enjoy all the blessings God has brought into your life and savor the natural beauty of today! 
Many Blessings,
3 Responses
  1. MORE! MORE! MORE! GIMME MORE! I am seriously VERY eager to learn MORE.

  2. Beckie Says:

    Totally agree with you Tracy on the cast iron! I LOVE mine!!! Once you get that pan seasoned, there is nothing like it. My rule is never, never, never, NEVER EVER use dish soap on it. Just soak the sucker with hot water, use a plastic pan scraper (like you get with stonewear products) to get up the stuck on bits and a little oil to rub on when it's clean and dry! Easy peasy. And I have a gas range so I store mine in the oven at all times, even while baking if I only need one rack. Helps keep the oven temp even if you have to peak to see how it's cooking. My favorite pot came from my Gram H's house. It is enameled cast iron and makes the best soups, stews, and chowders. Plus it's a piece of my Gram, which makes me smile! This one I don't store in the oven, because it doesn't need to keep a seasoning.

  3. Tracy Laurie Says:

    Beckie - I use to dislike cast iron until I learned how to properly maintain them. My hubby has asked me on numerous occasions "are you sure? no soap?" and I say TRUST ME on this one ok - NO SOAP! I use my scraper from my stones too to help scrape them clean. Great tip about keeping the oven temp. even for peaking by leaving them in the oven and a continuous seasoning!