New Page in Progress

I have made a page for make ahead mixes, I will continue to add to that page periodically as it will take some time to add all the content. If you have any make ahead mixes that you would like to share please send me an email at and I will add them to the page. Today I am going to attempt to make my own bisquick style mix, I will keep you all updated on whether it was successful or a big fail. One thing I have always struggled with is breads of any sort! Say a prayer for me!! (and Beckie  - would love some bread tutorials - if you ever feel so inclined to write some up for us OR even do some vlogs?) Enjoy your day everyone - the sun is brightly shining here on the East Coast this morning, going to enjoy it and seize the day!
Many Blessings
4 Responses
  1. Beckie Says:

    Hmmmmm...I'll think about that. Thanks for the offer Tracy. ANd no I don't do vlogs. I don't even like to get my picture taken!

  2. Tracy Laurie Says:

    haha it was worth a shot! And I honestly think you would be a vlog star girl! With your sense of humor and imagination it would be quite entertaining - and get over the camera fears girl - you are beautiful! I am really not one to talk here - I hate the camera too...We are our own worst enemies I guess!

  3. Beckie Says:

    Ok, Tracy, you broke me down. Check your email, I sent you a surprise! (No it's not a vlog!)

  4. Tracy Laurie Says:

    YAY! Going to check email :-)