Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! I pray everyone had a great weekend. My weekend was a very productive weekend in my pantry mission. In order to successfully do once a month pantry shopping, organization is definitely going to be key. Organization can sometimes be my downfall!!! So this weekend I made lists of what I bought this past week for the pantry along with the date purchased so I can get an idea of roughly how long certain items will last me, and a list of items still needed for a fully stocked pantry - it really seems like alot - BUT I need to listen to myself and say one step at a time, and baby ones at that! In addition to list making I also worked on a storage and label system. I am proud to say I am making progress! 
I had a huge highlight to my weekend when I went shopping for some more cast iron pans, I have all the skillets and griddles I need, a dutch oven and a small sauce pot but I wanted more sauce pots and I would like to get a loaf pan. If you are in Maine Reny's is the place to go for cast iron - best prices I have seen so far. So I went to Reny's with my husband to purchase a few more items for the cast iron collection, I decided upon a 6 cup sauce pot priced at $16.99 and a muffin pan priced at $9.99. At the register the sauce pot rings up at (you are not going to believe this) $4.25!!!! What?? So I ask the cashier were they on sale she checks and says yes they are marked down but it was not advertised, I instantly looked at my husband and said QUICK- GO GET ANOTHER ONE!  SOOO I got 2 sauce pots for less than half of what I was expecting to pay for the one! Those were the only 2 left of "last years" shipment so they were marked down! If you are looking for some more cast iron for your collection I highly recommend checking at Reny's, and while you are there it wouldn't hurt to ask them if any of the cast iron is marked down. You just might be surprised!
If you havent checked out my Facebook Page yet you should - I have been posting some really great deal alerts and will be posting some real neat tips on occasion.
Many Blessings,
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