Continuing with Frugal Groceries

I feel that this mission will be a mission that carries out for a long time, as I am writing about it as I go. This weekend thanks to my pantry starting to obtain some bulk, I was able to throw some things together that I hadn't planned on when I went grocery shopping. The first thing we threw together - I say we, because my husband actually made it - was the recipe that I posted on Friday, it was something simple and we had all the ingredients for it. Saturday I made two batches of chocolate chip cookie dough - in the quest on making the ultimate chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich - the end result: 2 10 inch chocolate cookies that were scrapped and eaten - one turning out too thin, the other I cooked to long, they were delicious but I like soft baked, and 2 perfect 10 inch chocolate chip cookies that were filled with a half gallon of ice cream. Last night we had a San Francisco treat that was not bought in a box. The rice mix was delicious, cheap very easy to prepare and you can find it on my make ahead mixes page
I am posting my pantry must haves in hopes that it may help someone else with their grocery mission. Obviously you must make this your own, only buy items that pertain to you and your family. My list is not 100% organic, but I do try as often as possible to buy organic items. There are also a few items on my list that I am in the process of "researching" and may end up being on the pantry veto list at a later date. Again if there are items that you are not comfortable with in your home, then do not stock it.
Click here for the list for my pantry must haves.
Many Blessings
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  1. Tracy,

    I absolutely love your blog! I love how you are inspiring others to eat natural, save money where they can, and are equipping/sharing your ideas and expertise! It's fabulous!

    I look forward to visiting again soon!