Frugal Groceries

In continuation with the grocery mission here are some keys to success:
Changing the way of thinking is a HUGE part of this, when making a recipe that you can double and freeze half you begin to save time and money. 
Make as many homemade items as possible. I understand that homemade doesn't always fit in a schedule, or what about the prepackaged foods that we have all grown so fond of? (mac & cheese, rice-a-roni, brownie mixes etc. etc.) Make your own mixes! Making your own mixes will save you money AND gives you back the control of what is going on your table. The internet is a HUGE resource when it comes to trying out recipes, I have come across a few make ahead mixes that once I have the opportunity to test them out I will share them with you. Until then try and see what you can come up with, what you come across might really impress you! Barry Farm is an organic farm that has opened an online store, I have not had the opportunity to try them out myself, but I have read some great reviews for the cheese powder (to make your own mac & cheese - similar to kraft). Do you have a favorite brownie recipe? Mix up the dry ingredients in advance, bag them(or jar them) attach recipe along with what needs to be added and stick it in the pantry - just as convenient as boxed brownie mix but ALOT cheaper! Making biscuits? Double your batch roll and cut - cook half, the other half place on cookie sheet and stick in the freezer until frozen, then take out and throw in a bag. Cook them as needed at 425 for about 18 minutes. Or if you prefer cook them ahead of time and freeze them after so they just need a quick heat up when you take them out.
Last night I made sloppy joes - A HUGE HIT, and it wasn't premade in a can here is a link to this fantastic Rachel Ray recipe:  
For the steak seasoning - I ground my own using peppercorn, dried minced onion, dried chopped garlic and coarse salt, much cheaper than buying commercially prepared! Enjoy all the blessings of the day!
Many Blessings
2 Responses
  1. Beckie Says:

    I'm with you on the homemade being cheaper. AND tastier!! I buy mostly whole foods. I look for recipes or just make up my own to use the whole ingredients. Way less salt in the stuff you make yourself. The one thing we love but I can't justify doing from whole ingredients is saffron rice. I just can't justify the price of whole saffron in comparison to the packaged rice mixes. SO due to the ENORMOUS salt content, we only get it as a treat about three times a year. If you know of a way to get affordable saffron threads, I'd love to try making it myself.

  2. Tracy Laurie Says:

    Beckie - Saffron rice and saffron threads are something that I must admit I never really gave alot of thought to, I have never had a recipe call for saffron threads and I do not normally buy saffron rice mixes. I will definitely keep my eyes open for you!